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About this project:

This is the javaXUL project ("javaxul") This project was registered on on Oct 17, 2010.

The goal of javaXUL is to provide a simple to use XUL implementation in Java (including CSS and Javascript capabilities), to be able to use it in Java projects. Some uses for javaXUL could be:

A Java project called jXUL (see had exactly this goal, but it seems that its development stalled very quickly in 2001, while still in Beta or even Alpha stage (no activity since then). Luxor (see is huge and complex, and also has no activities since some years. I have developed a XUL-subset for my own use, which worked pretty well for what I had to do with it, including Javascript capabilities (by leveraging the Rhino engine from mozilla). I think it could be better to share this work and expand it than keeping it for myself.

javaXUL is not intended to compete with much more complete RIA offerings, such as Flash, Silverlight or javaFX. Instead it tries to leverage the expressivity of XUL in the java developement area. Compatibility with Mozilla XUL (such as the Firefox implementation) is a goal, but ease to use in the Java world is also one.

About this project:

The exact license terms used by this project on the project summary page and in the licensing documents included in the downloads.


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Source code for this project is available as downloads or through the svn repository used by the project, as accessible from the project develop page.

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